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for Grossmont Healthcare District 2024, Zone 1 Member

I am honored to have been elected to the Grossmont Healthcare District Board in 2016, and look forward to being re-elected in 2024. I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support and encouragement. I have worked hard for the Grossmont Healthcare District to ensure that Sharp-Grossmont Hospital maintains a premier facility and to address any unmet healthcare needs in the district.                                                                       Virginia Hall, RN



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We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

With over 20 years of Nursing experience and over 20 years of Business experience, I am the best candidate to continue to keep taxes down, and bring both practical medical knowledge and a sound fiscal business direction to the Grossmont Healthcare District Board.  As an incumbent board member, I have represented the district at many events, including the Sharp Grossmont Hospital Neuroscience Building groundbreaking, Grossmont College 2017 Commencement Ceremony as the Keynote speaker.  I have worked with other board members to see the Prop G completion with improvements to the Sharp Grossmont Hospital, to expand the Grants and Scholarships Program promoting the health and wellness for East County residence, and to collaborate with the County on the Alzheimer’s Response Pilot Program.  I continue to be the most qualified candidate for the position.

Goals for the next coming 4 years

  • Continue to Support Sharp Healthcare to maintain the highest quality community Hospital.
  • Support the improvement of patient satisfaction at Sharp Grossmont Hospital
  • Meet the healthcare needs of our rural community and most medically vulnerable in our district
  • Work to build a future healthcare workforce to meet the Community needs.
  • Meet the unmet Healthcare needs of All of our District

Retired Register Nurse–Over 20 Year’s Experience

While I have retired from nursing, I have kept my RN license #293853 active.  My nursing background includes working in Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and Clinics. I have participated on research boards, presented at several National Nursing Conferences and have been published in Medical publications. All of my nursing career has been in providing patient care and oversight connected to hospitals and their systems.

Fiscally Conservative Businesswoman

As a self-employed businesswoman, I have developed successful business and financial practices.

Knowledgeable Oversight for Grossmont Hospital

I have the knowledge, cooperation, and the foresight to provide accountability, long-term planning, and quality oversight of the Sharp Grossmont Hospital lease.

Committed to Meeting East County Healthcare Needs

Using the Community Healthcare Needs Assessment, I have lead the Grossmont Healthcare District Grants Committee to prioritize funding for East County’s healthcare needs.

Happening Now

When to Use the Emergency Room

Where to go and what to do? People are uncertain of what to do when a health issue arises. They don't have a General physician or can't get into to see them for a long time. I found this article by Grossmont Healthcare District very helpful...

GHD Supports Efforts to Help the Homeless

GHD Supports Efforts to Help the Homeless

In 2017, Grossmont Healthcare District helped the efforts of the only east county homeless shelter, East County Transitional Living Center by providing a grant to purchase a much needed van used to take homeless people to their doctor appointments.

Grossmont Healthcare District was founded in 1952 to establish a new hospital to satisfy the unmet healthcare needs of the people of San Diego’s East County. The five-member board managed the Grossmont Hospital until 1991, when it turned the everyday management of the hospital operations over to the Sharp Healthcare. Today the District not only acts as the landlord for Sharp Grossmont Hospital, overseeing the facilities and acting as partner for the welfare of the East County people, it also actively works to meet unmet healthcare needs in the community and promotes a future healthcare workforce.
Sharp Grossmont Hospital has 536 bed and opened in 1955. In 1991, the Sharp Healthcare established a long-term lease that lasts until 2051 with the Grossmont Healthcare District. Following the building of the Burr Heart Lung Vascular Center, the hospital was designated as one of two Certified Stroke Centers in San Diego County. While the Emergency Room is the second busiest in San Diego County with a heliport, it was recently acknowledged with the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation. The superior nurses have also been recognized with the Magnet Designation for Nursing Excellence.
Virginia Hall yard sign

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